All your search for Arabic language gets answered

All your search for Arabic language gets answered

You have used various search engines of superlative order like, or and have been immensely benefited by them. It made your work at hand, which requires quite a bit of research, seem like a cakewalk. How about having a powerful search engine in your mother tongue? You probably haven’t thought of it ever. Language specific search engines are of great help when you want to search information based on the language.

Yabhath is a very powerful search engine/ web browser for the Islamic community and Arabic language. Your search for anything related to Arabic language becomes very easy and time efficient because you get a well laid out Arabic keyboard. Astonishing though, comes with the feature of Arabic keyboard to make your search of contents, news, web, photo, videos based on Islamic and Arabic language trouble-free and efficient.

Arabic languages are derived from the Semitic language. Semitic language is a sub-family of the Afro- Asiatic family of languages which goes on to include Aramaic, Hebrew, Arabic, Amharic and similar other beautiful and rich ancient languages like Phoenician and Acadian. Arabic language is a very rich language having many dialects. It is used by the people of Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Arabia, Lebanon and parts of north Africa.

Even if you are using yabhath and the Arabic keyboard for the first time, to can take full advantage with maximum efficiency. It is a subsidiary of Guided Search, LLC and you will be happy to know that it is powered by None other than the best, Google. However, that does not prevent from using their own proprietary technologies which include English to Non-English conversion engine, Pre defined search popular techniques, pre engineered and optimized Query production etc.

They are headquartered in the western suburbs of Chicago, IL USA.
How to use this wonderful site and be benefited by it, you wonder? All you need to do is type the keywords and in no time you will get the list of the most popular and best quality websites which provide audio, videos.

Well you must have realized by now, that this a very useful tool and you preferred destination for all your queries and interest in Arabic language and related topics. You have the option of taking back home the audio and videos of the most popular and eloquent of Arabic speakers like Abdal Hakim Murad, Hamza Yusuf etc. You can download Islamic lectures, Clavier Arabe, chanting and recitation s from Koran, Educational information, prayer chants, videos on history and much more.

Did you know that Arabic alphabets are user in writing many African as well as Asian languages like Urdu and Persian other than Arabic itself?

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