Green DIY Solar Panels – 5 Key Points About Building Your Own Solar Panels


Green DIY Solar Panels – 5 Key Points About Building Your Own Solar Panels

Green DIY solar panels can be built by anyone who enjoys do-it-yourself projects.  If you’re like most people, you would love to have solar panels that will significantly reduce your monthly energy bills, but do not want to spend a couple thousand to have a full system installed.  And you most likely are not an expert in solar panel construction… so what do you do?

Here are 5 key points that you should consider when thinking about building your own green DIY solar panels, from someone who has actually gone through the DIY solar panel process.

1.  It is really is possible!  Don’t simply write it off as too difficult, or not for you.  Thousands of people have built their own solar panels right in their backyards, and you can join them!

2.  There are green DIY guides and instruction manuals that will make the construction process much easier.  I definitely recommend purchasing a DIY solar panel guide that will tell you exactly what parts you need, where you can purchase them, and how to assemble and mount your solar panels.

3.  Use tutorial videos!  When you are looking for a construction guide, choose one that offers tutorial videos.  These are a must, because they serve as great visual examples that show you exactly what you should be doing throughout the entire solar panel construction process.  A good guide should come with at least 5-7 tutorial videos.  There are a lot of different steps in the construction process that tutorial videos cover well.

4.  Be realistic in your planning.  You have to have the panels in the sunlight at least 8 hours a day for them to be effective.  If you live in an apartment, or somewhere that doesn’t get a lot of sunlight, I would not recommend trying to use solar panels.  Perhaps go with a wind turbine instead, which is a nice alternative to solar energy. 

Also, don’t expect to eliminate your energy bill with your first solar panel kit; it’s going to be small, and cutting 5% – 10% off your energy bill is more realistic.

5.  Know how much you’re going to spend.  Building your own solar panels is much cheaper than having them installed professionally.  Most small solar energy systems can be built for $ 200 or less.  Also, if you purchase a solar panel guide, it will be showing you how to build a system for that price, so you know what to expect.

Most importantly, have fun and go for it!  You really can build your own solar panels.  You won’t regret it!

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Green DIY Solar Panels 5 Key Points About Building Your Own Solar Panels
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  2. At My says:

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  6. Lana Archer says:

    you guys are awesome. thank you so much for showing me how to do this I was
    just about to drop 3000 on a kit, but I can totally make this and the
    casing. Again thank you!

  7. Carl Nel says:

    This has absolutely buggerall to do with making your own PV solar cells.
    These sods (pun intended) are just SODDERING, soldering (note the LD after
    O instead of DD) in the English language, PV cells to form a larger panel.

  8. Jorge Cordeiro says:

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  9. Shayde Mohr says:

    You should rename your video. You are not making solar cells, you are
    purchasing solar cells to attach them in series, and create a solar panel.
    I was mislead by your video title, thinking it had information on how to
    create solar photovoltaic cells at home.

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