Inkjet VS Laser Printer


Inkjet VS Laser Printer

There are quite a lot of printers available nowadays and it will most likely be hard for a person to choose which one would be the perfect choice for his field of work or interest for that matter. Two kinds of printers would be the Inkjet and the Laser printer. So, Inkjet VS Laser Printer? Which one is the best and which one do you think is the best for you to use in whatever activities or field of work you are doing?

The Inkjet printer is an old or late type of printer. It can commonly be found in most home or offices as it is cheap and is quite enough to print a batch of documents without having to worry about the ink or ribbon of the printer as it is quite cheap and not to mention the fact that one will be able to save a lot of ink even if he will print a lot of documents.

On the other, the laser printer is the new or latest type of printer that is available nowadays and is commonly found and used in shops that print T-shirt designs or even those Internet shops in which one can able to print a page in full colors. What makes the laser printer amazing is that, aside from it being new, the fact that the quality or the printed material is quite clear and no blotches or anything of the sort will be seen unlike the printed materials from an inkjet printer. However, the downside of the laser printer is that the ink or even the maintenance itself is quite high or expensive.

When you are going to ask experts or at least people who have had quite a lot of experiences in printing and choosing the right type of printer, surely they will say that there is no right or wrong answer between the two – the inkjet printer and the laser printer.

You can always read a lot of related materials that review both printers or different kinds of printers for that matter, for you to be able to fully understand and also so that you will be able to finally decide on which one you think is the best for you.

It is pretty much easy for you to be able to find reviews and related materials when it comes to printers and choosing the between an inkjet printer and a laser printer. All you have to do is to check the Internet and surely you will be able to find hundreds of reviews, although you have to make sure that you will be able to find a read the reviews which are not one sided or at least those reviews in which the reviewer knows what he’s doing.


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Inkjet vs. Laser Printers – Which one is right for you?

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  1. Are1i says:

    What is this….

  2. Xephirox900 says:

    Would a laser printer be a good option if I rarely print things?

  3. Habiba Kasrawy says:


  4. Willma Finger Doo says:

    Oh my, your hair xd

  5. NEOSOLAIRIS says:

    Thanks i still don’t know what i want lol

  6. patssy7 says:

    Really helpful video. Thanks.

  7. Vishal Gaind says:

    Now I love you too

  8. lilpartyboy says:

    she makes me want to go to staples now…

  9. Sars Ragulan says:

    I actually learned a load watching this video – from having me in stitches
    of laughter , to making notes. Nadine ; you are amazing 😛

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  11. Phase473 says:

    Getting paid like a boss!

  12. Mememememe says:

    IF you don’t use your inkjet printer a lot, you clog your printheads ….
    such does not happen on laser!

  13. vash1053 says:

    Hrm, why?

  14. coolshariq says:

    i think i want to moved to canada now

  15. jshaw6600 says:

    So apparently she has her own YouTube channel (nayders07) with nearly 150k
    subs. Wow. Helpful video though. Surprisingly thorough. This was the kind
    of explanation I needed. Going to staples tomorrow to buy and Epson
    Workforce 545!!

  16. Tiafain says:

    i’m actually thinking about buying a new printer

  17. maak says:

    You might as well buy both, as both will be less expensive than 1 ink

  18. Mike S says:

    Laser is great if u print very rarely – no heads that clog up if unused
    like in injet printers

  19. whitney larson says:

    Thanks for the information, but can you talk any slower? Ag, watching this
    video is killing me,

  20. Junk Mail says:

    yea, someone else did this video like 5 years ago… its the first result
    on youtube for inkjet vs laser.

  21. tantaluss68 says:

    tell me every guy that meets her doesnt fall for her

  22. AndSome625028 says:

    Another inkjet tip: be sure to check where the printhead is located. Avoid
    it built-in within the cartridge. When unattended for a couple of weeks,
    it’s printhead dries out and turns useless. These cartridges also aren’t
    too cheap.

  23. DanLokar says:

    This was very useful! Thanks Nadine 😀

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